Anatomy Tatu

[“30 Minutes” music]

Shapovalov: “What do we want? What do we want for the American press? What kind of reaction are we looking for? What do we want? What do we want for Tatu’s PR? What’s the aim of PR?

Guy: Shock!

Shapovalov: Shock? They... in that case they should shock on that NBC show. Do you agree?

Guy: Absolutely! On MTV! And then on TRL show!

Shapovalov: And...What do you think about the relationship between love and war?

Guy: Yes, I think… you know Sheryl Crow always wears T-shirts that have some sort of message... against war…

Shapovalov: We can make a message too!

Guy: Yes.

Shapovalov: What message?

Guy: I think it should be in Russian. It’ll draw more attention from the audience. It’ll interest them to figure out what it says

Shapovalov: *thinking* Ahhhh! *thinking* Maybe we can write: “Fuck war”? ("D*ck to war" literally). Ha ha ha… And we will say that it means "No War!"

Beata: What... what did you say?

Shapovalov: We will write “Fuck war”

Beata: Yea, lets write "Fuck War"!... *Laughing*

Shapovalov: Fuck war...

[Silly Laughing]

Beata: Let's write "Love and... work"

Shapovalov (while writing): Of course, let's do it ...we create!

Beata: We gave rise to an idea, and we’ll write it down.

Guy: OK. Looks good. That means "No war"? ....(Translator: Oh so that's how you write "No War" in Russian! )

(all getting up and leaving)

Guy: I'll... see you both tomorrow.

Ivan: See you

Beata: See you tomorrow

[“Show me love” music]

Pasha: “You’re going to die here during the summer!” (i think he is referring to how hot it is )

Yulia: “I understand that. I’m not saying I am going to live here, Pasha. We came here for a week to relax and then go back to Moscow.”

Pasha: Are these your bags?

Yulia: Yes.

Dave(the translator): New York Times said this was some kind of paedophile’s business… child pornography… but Vanya usually gives the answer… he says “no, that there is no pornography involved, the girls are young, and youth is something wonderful, we are just developing their talent, and that we want the whole world to know this”… you should just read it, it’s written well …

Julia: This is so cool. Did you see it? Oops! look it spins around...

Pasha: First line.. go! What did they say?

[Talk about Iraq on TV]

Yulia: Hi, we want to.. breakfast. Ok, have you cornflakes with milk and one omlett with bacon? Thank you..

[phone rings]
Ivan: So… yes...Seriog (name)… second line there…

Julia: I told mommy because... like, I couldn’t hide it... because I realized that I had to go to the hospital for a day... I had to stay there after the whole procedure... it was very hard, of course… [cut, can disappears] The doctors said that everything is different for different people, some start in two weeks into the time… I started eating like a wolf, I stated eating everything, nuts and everything, all together,I wanted to eat... I had a dizziness and I thought to myself: “Something is strange here” ... I had stripes. Then I thought that I need to run to the doctor’s as soon as possible. It’s was horrible...[cut, can reappears] I understand that I have a career, my work, if God gave me this chance to be famous and sing, why not?... [cut, can disappears again] Imagine that there is a little child there, very small... Of course I cried a lot at that time...

[Phone rings]

Lena: “At the confession... I told him/gave away everything.… [toilet flush]… and now like my priest... and when I go there I always get to talk to him... he recommended a book.... One of them I bought but have not read it yet... the other one he gave me and said: “Bring it back later... i hope a month is enough to read it”. I said "Of course it's enough"... I read it and liked it so much... and while I was reading I understood so much...

[in a car - Lena on a cell phone]
Lena: Listen, imagine, we worked in t-shirts that say "Fuck War" for the show and today they broadcast it... They said "group Tatu.. Russian duo in order to protest against the war in Iraq appeared wearing t-shirts with curse words". We went on the biggest show in USA in T-shirts that said “Fuck was cool.. Yes, yes, they shouldn't f*cking do it!. Here it is f*cking 20 degrees - 30 degrees in the sun! ....Listen (to Yulia) I say it is 30 degrees here and he is telling me: 'and I will make it 50 degrees here for you'. ... but I understood ... I wouldn’t be against it.... Yulia is saying (Lena is repeating what Yulia just said for the person on the phone): ' Who would doubt your passionate love! (love for Lena) " .... I do too/you too.. very very much.... it is true, I am happy ... I’ll be overjoyed every time until I sh*t my pants and jump to the ceiling... and we are passing such nice homes, very cool .... (ATTSS starts playing on the radio) .. OHHH, our song is on the radio .. Oppaaaaaaaa.... our song is on the radio "

[ATTSS song]

Shapovalov: After the action “Fuck War” will we get a “National Artist”? In Russia? I mean the World! Will they give us a Nobel… Nobel peace prize? They should give Tatu a Nobel prize for the action!

Julia: What are you saying?

Shapovalov: Let’s stir this up, ah? lets stir it up. Two girls will be Nobel prize winners…it'll be a f*cking great story!

Shapovalov: (In the car) It’s not the action “Fuck War” itself that deserves the prize, it’s the project which broke all the limits... understand?... It broke the limits and we don't know why... has certaily changed Russia’s image towards a more peaceful direction, the direction of love… the whole meaning of it - not the "Fuck War" action.

[Screaming fans] (awww, those kids.. in their desire to say things in russian, one says: 'We love Ourselves'.. while trying to say 'We love You' )

[Ivan + Beata smoking up]
[he is mumbling couple of words at the end.. am not sure what]

[in the limo]
Ivan: can you make it more? ...up.. up upppp... yes yes yes.. more .. more moreeeeeeeeee...

Yulia: NO!

[Ivan dancing ]

Yulia: Vanya, sit down.

[Ivan putting the t-shirts on the wall]
Ivan: well, it is fine...

[somewhere in the streets of London]
Guy in red jacked: (broken Russian) But, who are you? you came to England.. to London... being our guest... you are our
guest...a guest in our town...

Ivan: yes...

Guy: 'who are you… who’re you'... Who are you, tell me please!

Ivan: but why... why...

Guy: What do you mean ‘why’?!

Ivan: why... cant you see who I am?.

Guy: Well, I see that you are a person, but I want to know who I am talking to.

[yelling with the car driver]

Guy: I am giving you my soul...I... I... I am yours... I am.. Maro [Secondname] .. yes? Tell me who you are.. I don’t know the names.. ta-ta-ta-ta-da .. Who are you? Tell me...what do you do?

[Ivan eating at the window]
Ivan: I came to Moscow to work for an advertising company... This company planned some things in Moscow, but things didn’t work out for them... and i was basically left on my own...and that was hard....

Yulia: The most scary thing in life for me is to loneliness.. i am not even afraid of dying.. but i am afraid to be left alone... because i think...[showing Lena smoking].. I wouldn't be able to live/survive if I ended up alone..

Lena: I am such an egoist...

Ivan: I didn’t have any experience as a producer.. At one time I used to be a taxi driver on my "Devyatka" then I led a preelection campaign for one deputat (senator) and we had a victory. Well in general.. i was doing something for others. I see people... doing some sort of projects for themselves... and i out of the air.. made this images for them and their projects I didn't want to make it for others so t.A.T.u. ends up like my brand.. what I did on my own... In 1998 there was a crisis in the country, there was no comercials but everything was cheap. So we wrote a few songs.. 30 000 for the album and 30 000 for the first video And for 60 000 the project started... it had not payed off by then but it started as a project....

Yulia: You see, when the project started... yes?... from one point of view, an image ...of two girls madly in love with each other...yes... Maybe from this point of view... this for me was very unusual/weird... because i had never thought of girls in that way... yes... Although it did not come as a shock and I was ok about it, i just couldn’t percieve it. However, at one point, I did percieve/understand it... I really liked a girl! At one point I realized that I had [love] feelings for a girl.. yes?... And I thought: "Damn, In project t.A.T.u. ... whereas I had never thought of [loving a girl] before, I realized that it is possible for me to love a girl"... We didn't have any sex but there have been feelings, as when we kissed we had [love] feelings.

Ivan: I told the composer that they are crazy... crazy... and they gave me about five versions of the song... and Lena.. a girl which… which i was involved with at that moment in time...she... wrote: "Ya soshla s uma= I've lost my mind'' ..what else... 'Ya soshla s uma' .. um.. that lyric was kept...and I added: 'mne nuzhna ona = I need her'.. and from there .. that's how the song became alive...

Lena: I still don’t understand how she fought it... it took a long time. How to kiss… mom was running like crazy… but I understood to myself that it was a commercial moment… that it was… However, if we are to be serious about this… that at this age of 14, 15… we talked with my mom about this… this friendship between two girls… It's about everyone!.. everyone who has a friend, best friend… you don’t understand what you feel - whether it is friendship or love. It's a very "inbetween" kind of feeling, There is a thin line between these two feelings, and on this line… [cut]

Yulia: Well today I was going to Taradino (no summing up smile.gif - elf), and I have this dream: we just arrived at the airport in Moscow with Katina, yes? And Katina… I am driving home, everything is fine… it’s summer, it’s warm… then I see Katina behind the wheel of a limo, the ones that they drive in America, and she says: “You know, there is something urgent, I have to tell you something, I forgot to tell you that...It's really important.. let’s drive to the park.” We drive to the park. And she says: ‘I dunno, maybe I am a fool, maybe I’m not, but the thing is, my image grew into love. I really love you!” I look at her and say: “Lena, what are you on about?” and she says: “Yes, I'm seriously in love with you.” She drives me to my apartment; I come out of the car in tears. I didn’t expect this from Lena.

Lena: to sleep with someone in front of the camera is impossible for me… I couldn’t… I think that a kiss is ok… but sleeping together is only two people’s business.

Yulia: I think that I can do anything… absolutely… there is no idea with which I wouldn't agree to

Lena: My mom still doesn’t understand me, how I do it. Because in reality I am not a person for show-business. I can’t do what they do. I can’t step on other people’s heads. That’s why Julia and I are together. She can, I can’t.

Shapovalov: (here is what he actually said - elf) The first time I was in a critical situation... I didn't have enough money to make the video. At the same time the project was "eating up" money: it ate 30,000 for the album, 30,000 for the video... I mean 25,000. At that time we had nothing, we had absolutely nothing! *Yulia and Ivan laughing* ... and Boris tells me "Here is the last grand, I don't need this money. So you can keep it for when you need it most" - at that time I needed about 30,000 - ".. maybe give the assistant a $100 tip so that they let you in and so that you can perform..". But two days later they show the video and two day later, madness ensues!

Yulia: Vanya is really a genius! He is not like everyone else, his project is not like others. He has ideas that other people could never think of. (Lena noding agreeably) But these ideas are simple. For example, T-shirts with “Fuck War”, it’s so easy every fool in Russia could have done it, take a T-shirt and write “Fuck War” on it and wear it around, still nobody did it… but Vanya did it.

Lena: Whoever he is, he is the person who found us… a person who gave us a chance, and on top of that he is a mind-blowingly talented person despite his flaws.

Yulia: I think that Tatu is my life. I think that I couldn’t have been without it, I dreamt about it, and I wouldn’t survive without this project now.

Shapovalov: The success of Tatu is the brightest… I think, the brightest point in the girls’ lives.

Lena: I always think about what’s going to happen next.

Yulia: I never think about what’ll happen tomorrow… I live in "today"

Lena: …because singing is the only thing I can do… and even in that, I don’t think I am a professional… in any case, of course I want to sing…

Yulia: This year my father and I are going to start building our house… so we can move and live in it… this summer we put down the foundation, it’ll wait through this winter and next year we are going to start building the house… aaahhh… the second thing I want is an apartment in the city centre… it’s costs how much in the city centre? 450 thousand? …

Shapovalov: aahh… as soon as I had an apartment and a car, and had enough money to live, I forgot about money (no ambiguity - elf) I liked it myself… so, there is an end… there is an end… in the journey for money… ha ha ha… this is fantastic, it’s fantastic… everyone has a different path… some have a short path, some have a long path, that even their life is not enough to travel through this path for money… and some people die without realizing their dream for money… some people don’t take that long to finish the journey… I am glad that for me this path was short I am not afraid to earn again as a Taxi driver!!.

Lena: I always think about wanting to be a billionair… then I can build an orphanage… I’ll hire the very, very best teachers there… Pay them very well, so they’ll come to me, so they have enough money. (It is a known fact that teachers are underpayed in Russia - elf)

Yulia: I want to open an office where I’ll be a producer… but only so it’ll be a big office… a firm… (she names a few examples here, I don’t know them, so I can’t write them down – Kate.) … not a small room, but an office with my name on it… so that you’ll go and you’ll see, like “Interscope” or “Universal”, but mine will say “Yulia Volkova” in large letters… a huge building that will be mine…

Shapovalov: I never expected so much money… I’ll tell you that much… I expected the current attitude towards the group, yes… but that this attitude will bring all this money, I didn’t think about that…

Lena: I know that a moment will come when you’ll have to pay for everything you’ve done in this life time… I want to, kind of, you know, pay off my sins… what I do now is really a huge sin…

Yulia: … sometimes it gets so hard that I don’t want to live any more… sometimes I want to get behind the wheel and drive at 200 km/h into a poll, That what I think sometimes and sometimes I want to die… I just come up to my mother and tell her that I don’t want to live any more… it’s hard… maybe it’s some kind of psychological illness… when you are doing something not right, and you don’t realize that at the beginning… you do it, and then realize how stupid you were to do it… I don’t want to go to church, I am saying something bad, I know, I don’t want to pray, although I have a little cross on my neck… just want to throw it out of my head, forget it… as though it never happened… yet sometimes, it’s very tough… There is a notable moment… I was hanging out with a group of people who were drug addicts. Some injected it and some sniffed.. and we had a bet… that if I have one injection that I won’t need it again… and I succeeded… I tried it, but I am not using it, right?... *raising voice* because I realized that I absolutely don’t need it in life…

Lena: I go to church constantly… I have a pope there, and I tell him everything… about the project… he tries to help me, blesses me… he is a very good person, he understands… [clears throat] I started to tell him about what the project is built on… and so on… and he said that you are sailing on scandals... I said: "Well, if we look at the overall picture, then yes!".

Thanks to ELF from the forum!

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