Tatu will sing with Rammstein (19th Februar 2004)
Director of group Tatu Sergey Bobza is now negotiating with famous German group Rammstein to record a song. Germans have shown interest to Tatu girls after having seen their performance at Eurovision. The musicians liked Lena and Yulia so much that it gave them the idea of a joint project.

"The representative of the German group will arrive this week to show us a song that they suggest to record in common. It has not been played anywhere and i don't know what it sounds like. I only know that the composition is about Moscow."

Members of group Rammstein have imagined all the details, composed the song and then sent it to Tatu's management, newspaper "Life" writes. Negotiations should take place next week, but the trip of Lena Katina and Sergey Bobza to Singapore could change the schedule.

Let's remind that group Tatu has won the "Breakthrough of the year" award at MTV Asia Awards in Singapore. The names of the nomination and the winner will be engraved on a figurine that will arrive in Moscow in approximately a month.
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Shapovalov is in Podnebesnaya, not Tatu (19th Februar 2004)
Group Tatu decided to break off from their producer Ivan Shapovalov. Having accused Shapovalov of all of the mortal sins on their reality show "Tatu in Podnebesnaya", the girls of the duo Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina stood up to their words. They sent a fax to OOO "Neformat", informing us about their will to break the contracts. At the present time, Tatu girls spend a lot of time talking to their lawyers, who provide them with juridical support. According to Alexandra Tityanko, "Neformat's" media agent, Tatu's lawyers will need to do a lot of work to succeed in what they attempt to do. The conditions of the current contract are such that in case they leave, the girls cannot claim the title of "Tatu" (Neformat owns these rights) nor the profits from album sales. According to Tityanko, OOO "Neformat" has to respond to the notification made by Volkova and Katina within 60 days. Neformat's executive director, Sergey Bobza, is working on this response already.

Overall the situation seems quite complicated. Tatu girls do not talk to Shapovalov and absolutely refuse to show up in Podnebesnaya, their studio in the penthouse of Peking Hotel. Thus, the name of the STS show "Tatu in Podnebesnaya" has practically lost its meaning: the studio is usually occupied by Ivan Shapovalov, his partners and other artists, working with Neformat - Ivan Demyan, Katya Nechayeva and some new projects, etc. A collection of songs called "Podnebesnaya" is being made which will include songs of Tatu, 7B, Katya Nechayeva and other unknown groups who sent their songs for the second Tatu's album. Meanwhile, Elena Katina went to Singapore's MTV Asia Awards. What's interesting is that she was accompanied by Sergey Bobza, the executive director of Neformat, the company which Tatu girls seemingly want to leave. Yulia Volkova refused to fly to Singapore. Nevertheless, both girls keep in touch with Neformat, except for its general director Ivan Shapovalov. How long this situation of "neither peace, nor war" is going to last, no-one can say.

Meanwhile, the show "Tatu in Podnebesnaya", filmed by Vitaly Mansky, is set to continue. As Alexandra Tityanko said, "STS [is not disapointed by] what is going on around the group." In this conflict Mansky sees a reflection of real life, which is interesting to broadcast on TV. Apart from filming Shapovalov's team in Podnebesnaya, the crew is now filming practically every step of Yulia and Lena. They film them at home and on the street. Later, the director arranges the footage to reflect the positions of the two - barely - opposing sides.

Sourse: InterMedia
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Tatu at the VMA in Singapore (14th Februar 2004)
Only 1/2 Tatu was in Singapore this evening... Lena.  Tatu won Breakthrough of the year, but didn't win Best Pop Group.  Yulia was in Moscow because of some problems, don't know what kind of problems though.  According to some viewers, Tatu didn't perform, and Lena looked really sexy!!

Look at her yourself 

Lena and Yulia leave from "Tatu", but they will stay a duet (13th Februar 2004)
Group " ???? " should go on Friday to Singapore on the third annual ceremony of rewarding MTV Asia Awards 2004 which will pass on February, 14 in stadium Singapore Indoor Stadium. Probably, it will be the last trip of Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova as participants of the group Tatu. At the moment the legal firm " JAkovlev and partners ", representing interests of girls, works above cancellation of their contracts with producer Ivan Shapovalov and his company " NEFORMAT". Probably, "Tatu" will return from Asia as heroes - the duet is nominated on premium MTV Asia Awards in two nominations: " Breakthrough of the year "and" the Best pop group ". However in the near future Yulia and Lena are going to break off business relations with the producer, having left from the group, their glorified. Last week Yulia and Lena have visited the hotel " Peking " where there is a studio of teleproject "Tatu" in Celestial ", only once. They informed the producer of group Ivan Shapovalovu about the  intention of terminating the contracts with producer company " NEFORMAT". Among the numerous scandals created by Ivan Shapovalov, this - the most serious. 
"The reasons, - lawyer Andrey Jakovlev, one and a half year representing informed "News" interests Volkova and Katina, - are stated in the document. If in the most general features - our clients are dissatisfied with the work of the producer. The girls do not want to finish their musical career. They want to work both will work, be engaged in creativity and will stay a duet. The girls very much want to write down the second album, and they are going to make it ". But already without producer Ivan Shapovalov. A problem that rights on the name of a duet belong to Shapovalov's company " NEFORAMT". And it hardly will sell or will transfer their girls. Thus, Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova should think out the new name for a duet and will have to find a new producer. A question of "News", whether the girls have begun independent work above a new album, Mr. Jakovlev has left " without comments ".Girls in conversation with the correspondent of "News" also have refused any comments. Ivan Shapovalov has given "News" rather vast comment, having informed as a matter of fact only, that hopes for the safe sanction of a disputed situation. " Nobody did state any complaints to me. But, maybe, they want to terminate contracts to conclude new ", - it has told. The material for second album "Tatu", by words of Shapovalov, is available, and the part even is written down. Ivan has expressed hope, that Yulia and Lena " will finish singing this album ", let even in the terms beyond teleproject "Tatu" in Celestial ", reflecting, we shall remind, just to show spectators process of record of a plate. 
(source worked by TatuRussia)

Tatu seeking new name and manager (11th Februar 2004)
Tatu are to dump their name and their manager who they say is interested only in orchestrating scandals and not in developing their artistic talent.
Lena Katina and Julia Volkova's decision to ditch Ivan Shapovalov was reported in Russian paper Dni.
Volkova said: "He spends his time thinking up scandals instead of planning our artistic work. I'm sure our fans would rather hear new songs and new albums than new scandals."
Shapovalov is credited with dreaming up the idea of portraying the girls as lesbian lovers and was last year arrested after arranging for hundreds of schoolgirls to turn up in Moscow's Red Square to star in a video.
They were told to kiss each other in front of Lenin's tomb and St Basil's Cathedral for the video.
But Tatu will also have to dump their name as Shapovalov holds the copyright.
(Source: Ananova)

The new song Nichya is not by Tatu (11th Februar 2004)
The song Nichya (nobodys) happen to be a song by the band: Nichya. The band is a project of Elena Kiper. t.A.T.u. had the song first. Elena wanted it, she forced to sue them again if she doesn't have the song. So Ivan gave the song to her. So Nichya is NOT a t.A.T.u. song!! But t.A.T.u. have completed one song so far for their new album. It is writen by Ivan Demyan called:Zashishatsya Ochkami. t.A.T.u's new CD is due in June.
(Source: TatuLife)

Tatu severed with Ivan Shapovalov. ( 8th Febraur 2004)
Today in reality show "t.A.T.u. in Podnebesnaya" STS channel reported that t.A.T.u. group severed with Ivan Shapovalov. No comments more. Perhaps girls decided break off contract with Ivan, because the new album still wasn't recorded yet. We will post more information later on our web site (tatufatal). To be continued... 
(Is this a media stunt again **heaven1980)?

(Source: TatuFatal)

Sukachev: Tatu have no future. (7th Februar 2004)
Famous musician Garik Sukachev recently payed a visit to Lena Katina, Julia Volkova and their producer Ivan Shapovalov for the purposes of their reality show "Tatu in Podnebesnaya". The conversation that took place between Sukachev and Tatu wasn't broadcasted due to "safety" considerations. The show was initially planned to be a reality show, but later it was decided to show only pre-recorded fragments. So some episodes that might damage the group's image wouldn't be broadcasted.

The lead singer of [rock-band] "Neprikasaemye" ["Untouchable"] wasn't to enthusiastic to meet the girls, reported "Zhyzn". He had nothing to say as an old rock-star to representatives of "pop". That's why as soon as he met the girls, Sukachev confessed to them, that he doesn't like their work, and he emphasised his dislike towards the pop-culture.

Julia and Lena met Sukachev not in "Podnebesnaya", but in the restaurant on the third floor of hotel "Pekin". The soulful conversation didn't take place: the famous rock-star just explained to the girls his opinion about them and why he think the group has no future.

After talking to the girls, the singer went up to "Podnebesnaya" and had a conversation with their producer Ivan Shapovalov. Possibly, the recordings of the conversations will be shown in later episodes, but for now the audience will be able to see Atremii Troitsky, who is one of the softest critics of Tatu. 
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Has Ivan Shapovalov decided to cheat on t.A.T.u.? (7th Februar 2004)
A girl began to appear in Podnebesnaya at whom the producer is looking with an interest. The rumours, that t.A.T.u. girls are in a conflict with their producer got a ground lately. In the reality show t.A.T.u. in Podnebesnaya (aired on weekends by STS), the girls were giving their boss a drubbing. Either they were not satisfied with the songs, or with Ivan?s behaviour or something else. As it turned out lately it wasn?t a matter of their caprice or a PR stunt but a pure reality. Fights between the producer and the girls gave gone too far. The dispute arose mainly between Yulia and Ivan. As for Lena ? she?s probably got upset with Ivan to keep her friend a company. Now Volkova is waiting for Ivan to apologise, and Shapovalov in his turn is waiting the same from her. Thus, the girls prefer not to visit Podnebesnaya until such confession takes place. On the contrary, Ivan prefers to spend lots of time there ? together with the musicians, choosing songs for t.A.T.u.?s new album. He states that, no matter what, but the album will be recorded with a quality and on time. There?s one more person who constantly visits the Pekin Hotel ? some girl X. They say, that now, the producer?s eye is laid on her. X was supposed to perform as a back-up singer for Yulia and Lena at Eurovision in Ireland, but something went wrong that time. Maybe, some serious changes and a new rival are waiting for t.A.T.u. in the nearest future? By the way, the reality show is aired now one hour later ? at 23.00. As STS explained, it was done for the audience?s sake: the majority of the Tv-audience watching that show is just approaching their Tv sets at that time. 

Universal Music Russia releases REMIXES (7th Februar 2004)
7 Febrary 2004 Universal Music Russia releases a unique edition of the first compilation of Remixes
At the end of February, Universal Music Russia is going to release a unique edition of the first compilation of Remixes. The similar edition was released in Japan at the end of the last year, where it caused a furore among the fans of Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina. Three version of this new edition will simultaneously be released in Russia. The Remixes will also contain famous in the world compositions Prostye Dvizhenia (Simple Moves) and Ne Ver, Ne Boisya (Don?t Trust, Don?t Fear). The exclusive version will consist of tree discs ? 2 audio CD, 1 DVD and a unique booklet with the t.A.T.u.?s autographs. This version of the edition is limited! 
(Universal Music Russia &

Tatu are going to Singapore to attend the ?MTV Asia Awards 2004? (5th februar 2004)
Tatu were invited to the 3rd annual ?MTV Asia Awards 2004?, which will take place on 14th of February, on the Valatines Day, in the ?Singapore Indoor Stadium?.
Tatu were nominated in two categories: "The Favourite Breakthrough" and "The Favourite Pop Group". Possibly, Lena Katina and Julia Volkova will also present the award to one of the 19 MTV Asia Awards nominees.
The filming crew of Tatu's reality show "Tatu in Podnebesnaya", which is currently broadcasted on STS, will also go to Singapore with the girls. Fragments of Tatu's visit to Singapore will be included in one of the upcomming episodes.
Source: Official Site
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State Duma will "deal" with "Tatu" (2nd Februar 2004)
Moscow State Duma's Health Commission prepares a claim to Moscow public prosecutor asking him to analyze whether famous music group "Tatu" popularizes drug use, reports "Kommersant".
According to head of the commission Ludmila Stebenkova, one of the girls' comments in their latest film "Tatu's Anatomy" served as the main reason for the worries. The singer was talking about her experience with drugs.
According to the delegate, the commission intends to view the fragment of the film once more before it decides to address public persecutor's office.
Head of inter-departmental commission in the sphere of narcotics Boris Tselinsky explains, "It is hard to say straight off whether their statement advocates narcotics." According to a representative from Governmental Drug Control, only linguist-expert is entitled to draw certain conclusions from the words of Yulya Volkova of "Tatu". If their analysis regards the statement "once, after giving myself an injection,>
I cracked" as drug propaganda, then according to Tselinsky they will be fined. "However, TV itself should not be fined," remarked Tselinsky. "After all, those words were not scripted."
Press service of the STS TV channel explained that creators of the entire project "Tatu in the skies" are the one to be held responsible for the incident. Director of the film "Tatu"s Anatomy" and TV series "Tatu in the skies" Vitaly Mansky confirmed that the phrase mentioned by the delegate really does exist in the film. "I cannot agree that this phrase can in any way be regarded as drug propaganda," stated Mansky. "More so, the entire film is aimed at letting people know how wonderful and interesting life really is without drugs."
According to Ludmila Stebenkova, she intends to punish both of the singers, their manager and the TV channel itself. "We simply want to attend the prosecutor and discuss whether it is normal when our favorite artists say that drugs are actually not that bad," said Stebnekova. 
(Source: NewsRu)


t.A.T.u. didn?t "get accustomed" in Podnebesnaya (30th January 2004)
The reality-show t.A.T.u. in Podnebesnaya started on the television channel STS on January, 17. The organizers of the show promised, that it won?t be boring: unrevealed details, distinguished guests, communication with the fans, the process of the material selection and the new album recording - all this was planned to happen in front of the TV - audience. Nevertheless, the t.A.T.u.-girls haven?t managed yet to start the recording of the disk, since there?s not enough material. As for meeting the celebrities, the girls are simply not enough organized. For example, when Joseph Kobzon was about to visit ?the inhabitants? of Podnebesnaya, Yulia and Lena weren?t simply there. The idea to socialise with their producer Ivan Shapovalov instead didn?t appeal to him.

Recording of the album isn?t going that smoothly either: Yulia and Lena admitted that they are not ready to begin the recording yet. To rescue the situation, the girls had to record ?Zashishatsya Ochkami? , which is the song of the singer of group 7B Ivan Demyan. ?Everything that we have is very raw yet. To bring the material to the right condition, we need more time. It?s possible that even the airing time won?t be enough. We hoped to find talented poets and composers, that could make some money on their material but we could choose only a few suggestions out of a thousand. They weren?t super either. We?ll continue looking for?, said t.A.T.u.

?The leading of STS and Ivan Shapovalov failed to reach any consensus when it comes to the way the show should look like?, writes Tsvetnoy Televisor magazine. ?No, they didn?t reach it at the end. Apparently, the concept of the project is an absence of the mutual opinion. Anyway, the TV-audience is still left a chance to follow an attempt to record the album. That?s right, ?an attemp?, because I?m not sure that the album will happen at the end. Shapovalov has announced that the album will be ready on March, 14. Thus, the group has 52 days to complete it. If there?s enough material, this period is enough, but only if it will be worked on every day?, told Vitaly Mansky, a documentary director, who has been working with t.A.T.u. for several years now.
Mansky also says that he?ll be participating in the show only if everything in it will be sincere: ?When Shapovalov got this idea of the reality-show t.A.T.u. in Podnebesnaya, he didn?t seem to realise that it would be that hard. Nevertheless, he still assures that there won?t be any tricks made for the show, only the truth of the life. So we?ll see. Otherwise I?ll leave the project?.
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Tatu girls want to switch bodies (23rd Januar 2004)
The girls from the Russian pseudo-lesbian duo Tatu, Lena Katina and Julia Volkova, were recently offered to pose nude for the American magazine Playboy. Producer of the group, Ivan Shapovalov, was overjoyed, but Julia and Lena refused to pose nude. But Shapovalov quickly found a solution to the problem.
Producer of Tatu had a genius idea: to use models? bodies during the photo-sessions. Beautiful girls were invited to audition in hotel ?Pekin?, writes ?Zheltaya Gazeta?. There they were met by a young man named Igor, who introduces himself as Tatu?s administrator. He asked the girls to show him their portfolios and then announced.
"You are invited to a big photo-session for the American magazine Playboy. You will be photographed absolutely naked, but don?t worry: in the magazine your faces will be changed to those of Lena and Julia. And all of this will only be published in the American edition. The girls who will be suited for this photo-session will receive 200 dollars", - said Igor.
One of the girls who took part in this weird audition shared her thoughts: "The young man took notice of me right away. Igor and his assistant noticed my tattoo which is similar to the one Julia has. I was immediately offered to take my clothes off and become ?Julia?s body?. I refused to do that. Because I sensed that something wasn?t right. As a result of the audition, Igor and his assistant chose three models whose body shaped resembled those of Julia and Lena the most."
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Tatu in Podnebesnaya: There is no danger of Tatu?s project in Podnebesnaya to result in a failure! (23rd Januar 2004)
Channel STS will continue to broadcast Tatu reality show ?In Podnebesnaya? this weekend, which is dedicated to the recording of Tatu?s next album live. The next broadcasts are on 24th and 25th of January at 8:00pm. Rumors about troubles with the project surfaced after the first broadcasts on 17th and 18th of January. In the Saturday broadcast the girls from Tatu appeared on the screen for no more then five minutes ? had a fight with the photographer and left, on top of that, according to some sources, this incident was recorded a long time ago when nobody even planned the reality show yet. Most of the program showed Tatu?s producer Ivan Shapovalov, thoughtfully discussing irrelevant topics. On Sunday, 18th of January, "Tatu in Podnebesnaya" wasn?t broadcasted at all, replaced by Vitalyi Mansky?s documentary film about the group ?Anatomy of Tatu?. As Tatu?s press-attach? Aleksandr Tityanko informed InterMedia, that happened only due to technical problems: the films prepated for the second broadcasting of the show were of bad quality, and they were decided not to be shown. According to Tityanko, there are some problems in the relationship between Shapovalov and managers of STS, but "there are not conflicts that can end the project". It?s just that Shapovalov and the management of STS have different views on how Tatu?s reality show in Podnebesnaya should be like. What their arguments lead them to can be seen in the next broadcasting of Tatu?s reality show this weekend. Julia and Lena, most likely, will appear a bit more this time, since they do visit Podnebesnaya two to three hours every day. "This is a very unpredictable project,? - says Aleksandr Tityanko. ? ?Nevertheless, the album is being recorded, and potential authors are arriving". One song is almost ready, and the sons author is not one of the contestants who sent in the lyrics, but the leader of group ?7B? ? Ivan Dimyan. The composition was not intended for the duo, but producer Ivan Shapovalov decided that it suite the girls after having a listen of it.?
Source: InterMedia
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Mini-concerts in America
(22nd Januar 2004)
TATU is now in America. While being here, the girls have been sight-seeing, visiting relatives, and yes... concerts. The concerts were not part of the Show Me Love World Tour. The shows were about 1 hour in length. Them singing about 2-3 songs. North Carolina, and Texas has been some of the places they have been too so far. We'll keep you posted, where they will go next!
(Thanks to Tatukulchiki)

Upcoming t.A.T.u. Music Videos (22nd Januar 2004)
1. Show Me Love [starts filming shortly. Will be released worldwide next year]
2. Clowns (can you see me now?) [ begins filming after Show Me Love video is completed. No other information yet.]
(Source: TatuKulchiki & Note: Thanks to Tatutaty!)

Ivan Demyan has joined the recording of Tatu?s next album
(22ndJanuar 2004)
As we all know, Tatu?s and Ivan Demyan have one producer ? Ivan Shapovalov. Reporter from ?Our Radio? called Ivan Demyan into the studio of Tatu, where he helps the girls and takes part in shooting of the reality show ?Tatu in Podnebesnaya?. This is what he said about working with the world famous Russian pop-duo and the song he wrote for them ?Zaschischatsya Ochkami? (?Protecting with Glasses?):
- The song fell out from my suitcase, and the girls together with Shapovalov just loved it. When you hear the song, you?ll understand why. We will sing this song together as a country. You, me and Tatu, we will all sing it. If they will like singing the song, please, take it.
(Source: (By materials of "?????? ?????", thanks to House 13)
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Tatu's DVD "Screaming for more' North America release date set (22nd Januar 2004)
t.A.T.u.'s DVD "Screaming for More" hits the streets of the US and Canada on March 23rd 2004.
(Source: Tatukulchiki)

Tatu in ?Podnebesnaya?: Were there girls? (19th Januar 2004)
The new reality show ?Tatu in Podnebesnaya? just started on STS.
One of my friends said, that he will watch the reality show on one condition: if he?ll actually be able to spy on the group members. Meaning that they won?t just show moments of them eating, watching television, talking on the phone, but everything: from morning shower to evening sex. Otherwise it?ll not be a reality show, but a boring staged performance with bad actors in main roles.
The new project of Tatu in Podnebesnaya started rather suddenly. The girls were not shown in the first episode! Lena and Julia appeared near the ending, to change their clothes into white and have a quarrel with the photographer. The rest of the time, the audience was entertained by producer Shapovalov. He tediously explained, that being in ?Podnebesnaya? is not being in the sky, and not being on the earth either, but being somewhere in the air, although in actually in the air at the same time... Singer Penkin who came in for a visit, seemed as though he had now clue why he was invited. The heads of STS ? Podnyansky and Tsekalo ? were also in the dark. Tsekalo sadly inquired: where are the girl, the girls are supposed to be here? To which Shapovalov disarmingly replied: the girls are not here! They also showed some unknown people after that, who were laughing and talking about something. Why didn?t they warn us, that ?Tatu in Podnebesnaya? ? is just a meditating project of Shapovalov, in which he will inform us about his observations?
(Source: Konsomolskaya Pravda (Natalia Voloshyna)
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Lena Kiper is going to live on t.A.T.u.?s money (15th Januar 2004)
As IMPR (the official representative of group Nichya on the internet) informs, the soap opera with its head title ?Lena Kiper versus t.A.T.u.? has ended up. Lena Kiper has been trying to defend her rights to the songs Ya Soshla S Uma (All The Things She Said) and Nas Ne Dogonyat (Not Gonna Get Us), during past several months with the help of her lawyer Alexey Shulga. During this period of time, there were seven court sessions scheduled, where more than half of them were cancelled. The file was filled up with the documents where the authorship for the album 200 Po Vstrechnoy (200 km/h In A Wrong Lane) fare was mentioned. The sum specified was 2 250 000 USD. This very sum was meant to be received by the group?s management last spring to pass to the authors, in accordance with their contract clauses, but the management failed to do it. Having received the payment, the group?s management kept it.
The last court session took place on December, 29 2003 and ended up with nothing. That forced Kiper?s lawyer to recommend an aggressive method and sue Neformat for the swindle, having based such claims on the received documents. Only after that, Lena Kiper was offered a significant sum of money, which is apparently waiting for Miss Kiper at a notary. All Miss Kiper needs to do now is to visit the notary, receive the money and drop her charges.
Thinking of the fact that her Nichya project has her only financial support, it?s not that difficult to figure out that the probability of that Miss Kiper will drop the charges is near 100%.
IMPR presented scans of the documents, enclosed to the court file that can be viewed here and here.
Source: (by material of

 t.A.T.u. will practice politics in Podnebesnaya! (12th Januar 2004)
The reality-show t.A.T.u. in Podnebesnaya will be launched on January, 17. The press service of the broadcasting channel STS revealed a few details of this project. In the shows on January, 17 and 18, the TV watchers will see first two parts, which will be based on the documentary clips, presented as a long video show. The clips will feature t.A.T.u. celebrating a New Year Eve and their Japanese Tour. Marianna Maximovskaya is intended to visit Podnebesnaya and interview Yulia and Lena about politics: this idea is connected to the announcement of t.A.T.u.?s about their plans to run for the Presidential elections. Many other Russian celebrities promised to visit t.A.T.u. in Podnebesnaya too. The first two shows will give a detailed portrait of the group?s producer Ivan Shapovalov. The show will be directed by Vitaly Mansky. Vitaly made his first film in 1989 and since then has directed 23 films. His pictures took part in more than 200 different festivals: in Cannes, San-Sebastian, Oberhausen, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Munich, Montreal, Turin, Tampere, Krakow, Sheffield, Rio De Janeiro, etc. His pictures won more than 30 awards, among which the Award of New Documentary Films, established by the European channel SAT, and many other significant awards. The first part of the show t.A.T.u. in Podnebesnaya is to be transmitted on January, 17, at 17.00 Moscow time.
Source: (by material of InterMedia)

t.A.T.u. become cartoons (11th Januar 2003)
All sorts of conflicting rumours concerning the future of Russian pop duo t.A.T.u. have been circulating the music industry.
Just weeks after it was announced that the girls would be bidding for the Russian presidentship, is reporting that 20-year-old red head Katina is bored with being in the group and on top of that she isn't really a lesbian either. "We are very tired of each other and it's not fun playing lesbians anymore," she says. "I believe it will be a shock to my friends and family, and to Yulia. I can't wait to get out of the schoolgirl outfit, jeans and T-shirt."
However, while those comments indicate the band's future is in serious doubt other reports suggest that t.A.T.u. will continue as Japanese Anime cartoon characters. The girl's were first sketched in the Anime style for the cover of their chart-topping All The Things She Said single sleeve, and now a movie called t.A.T.u Paragate is being produced for a possible November release.
"Only through animation could t.A.T.u.'s power of spirit and on-the-edge emotion be made even more powerful - and that's what we will do. Get ready for a new t.A.T.u.!" says Executive Director of Imove, Tohru Ishizaka.
We'll keep you updated with any further t.A.T.u. developments.
(soucre: Launch, Music on Yahoo)

More Tatu Removal In Japan
(9th Januar 2003)
Tatoo Pun So Good, Writer Uses It Twice
Even though the debut album from t.A.T.u. was Japan's best sellign foreign CD in addition to the third best-selling album of the year in the tiny country, the Nymphy Russian Teen Duo are having a difficult go in the land of the rising sun of late.
In one recent visit, they cancelled TV and showcase performances at the last minute and then recently, they played college festivals for audiences who did not embrace their style of music at all?
Plus, their show at the Tokyo Dome this past month sold so poorly that unsuspecting pedestrians were brought in for free by ushers and promoters told patrons that they were free to take photographs.
Yesterday, it was reported that they have been denied a filming permit in Tokyo's busy shopping district
(source: Net music Countdown)

TATU Removed From Japanese Streets (7th Januar 2003)
Wacky Russian Duo Denied Filming Permits
For the third time in less than 2 months, the Russian pop-duo have been denied the opportunity to film a video.
They had recently attempted to shoot in front of the British Houses of Parliament, but the Houses were in session and that is a clear violation of British law.
After that, they went home to Russian and tried to film in Red Square, but the Soviets would have none of the liplocked teens.
Now, in an attempt to salvage a disasterous Japanese tour, they were going ot film in the busy Tokyo shopping district, but were denied one more time because the police felt it would cause confusion in the pedestrian areas.
(source: Net music Countdown)

t.A.T.u. will get ?behind the glass? on January, 17
(5th Januar 2003)
The first night of the reality-show t.A.T.u. in Podnebesnaya, will take place on channel STS, on January, 17. Followed by the TV watchers, the duo will be working at their second album. The penthouse of the Pekin Hotel in Moscow ? Podnebesnaya was remodelled into a studio. The view from the penthouse goes to all directions, opening a beautiful panorama over Moscow. t.A.T.u. plans to use the music material of absolutely unknown authors. The group still accepts the material, which can be sent to: 123001, Moscow, Podnebesnaya. It?s possible that t.A.T.u. and their producer Ivan Shapovalov will be visited by another Russian celebrities. STS is planning to air a one-hour show every evening, which will contain the most interesting things that happened during the same day. Besides, STS is planning several live transmissions during the day.
Source: (by material of InterMedia)

Tatu group of the year (31st December 2003)
From I friend I recieved this information..
tatu became best group of the year in Russia..  Vladimir Putin became best Person of the year.

t.A.T.u. is recognised as the sale's leader of the year in Japan (31st December 2003)
Group t.A.T.u. is recognised as an absolute record holder of the pop-music sale's 2003 in Japan. According to the popular Tokyo radio station Jay Wave, the debute album sale's number reached 1,4 million copies. Together with various limited editions, the sale's number evaluated reached 1,8 million of the sold copies throughout Japan.
According to the results of the final chart 2003, t.A.T.u. managed to beat even Madonna - their two songs hit top 10 of the chart, where their song All The Things She Said went straight to the second position. None of the Russian artists has ever managed to achieve such a success in Japan before.

Tatu gets ink as cheese (30th December 2003)
Russian teens , Aiken, nominated
BURBANK, CA  Tuesday 12.30.2003  / -- Russian teen duo, Tatu, will receive a tribute as "the most ridiculous band of the year" during Canadian music television channel MuchMusic’s annual Fromage show with Ed The Sock.
The show will be subtitled "Why Music Sucks" and features categories such as cheeziest Idol Video which will pit Clay Aiken’s "Invisible" against Ryan Malcolm’s "Something More" and Cheeziest Justin Timberlake video.
Tatu will be in competition in a category called Cheeze Dips featureing videos wich start off good but head south soon after. Much like Ski School II.
Finally, Tatu will receive a tribute as the most ridiculous band of the year.

Tatu were not allowed a chance to become presidents. (27th December 2003)
Today in the Moscow Palace of Youth was supposed to be a collection of signatures in support of the registration of group Tatu to become one of the candidates to the position of the president of the Russian Federation. But, as producer of the group Ivan Shapovalov told “Echo of Moscow”, the action was cancelled. The organizers did not get permission from Moscow government to carry out the action. Besides that, as reported by lawyers, according to the rules, the girls cannot be candidates for presidency, as they have not yet reached the legal age to become one.

Group Tatu to become presidents of Russian Federation. As a Duo (25th December 2004)
The scandalous Russian duo has got their eyes on the post of the president of the Russian Federation.
"On 27th of December at 12.00 in the Palace of Moscow Youth people will be able to sign to support Tatu to become on of the candidates to the post of the president of Russian Federation ", - was said in the press-release centre of “Neformat”.
As to the reason why Tatu want to become the president of Russian Federation, there is no information.
"Group Tatu are aiming to become the president of Russian Federation full speed. And we can’t separate the girls", - said PR-manager of “Neformat”, Sasha Tityanko.
"First we have to get 500 signatures, is order to become a candidate, and then we’ll see", - said Ms. Tityanko.
Although, it is not yet clear how Tatu are going to over come the “age requirement”. According to the federation law since 10th of January 2003 N 19-F? "On electing president of Russian Federation", the age restriction to become a candidate is 35 years old. On the other hand, if you add the girls’ age together, you will get abou 35 years old.

Also, we don’t know how the girls will become the president as a duo. Duos are not foreseen as candidates.
So, the government will have to deny the girls’ new idea to become Russian president no matter how many signatures they will collect.

Tatu's concert in St-Petersburg (20th December 2003)
Maybe some of you already forgotten about Tatu performing in St-Petersburg o 18th December 2003. 

I heard about 17500 people showed up.  It was incredibly crowded.  Some small riots broke out between some drunk people.  30 people got crushed by the crowd and had to be helped.

Canadians consider t.A.T.u. to be the most ridiculous band of the year (18th December 2003)
t.A.T.u. is nominated as The Most Ridiculous Band Of The Year at Fromage 2003 (Cheese). Fromage 2003 will air Saturday, December 27 at 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. EST. This year’s show is subtitled "Why Music Sucks" and features some new categories, including Cheeziest Idol Video and Cheeziest Justin Timberlake video. There will also be a new feature called Cheeze Dips.

Japanese t.A.T.u. anime is planned to be released next year (15th December 2003)
The long awaited Japanese anime t.A.T.u. Paragate will be released in cinemas across Japan in November, 2004. The images of the main characters are based on Yulia and Lena from group t.A.T.u. According to the script, the Paragate is the gate that gives rise to ill-defined internal struggles. In facing up to and battling these internal struggles, the two girls of t.A.T.u. are trying to bring about changes in themselves and open up a new world.

Vitaly Mansky will continue filming t.A.T.u.! (14th december 2003)

On December, 13, Vitaly Mansky gave an interview to the radio station Echo Moskvy where he shared his thought about his newly released documentary The Anatomy of t.A.T.u. and revealed some of his future plans.

Reporter: Yesterday, there was a film The Anatomy of t.A.T.u. … was it the title?
Mansky: Yes.
R: It was shown by the first entertainment channel STS. By the way, I didn’t see it in the TV programme schedule. Maybe it was shown only through the net?
M: No, it stood in the schedule.
R: I knew it will be broadcasted but didn’t know at what time but could catch it anyway. Everything seen produced, of course, a tremendous impression. Not your personal artistic work, but the essence – everything I thought came out true. According to the reviews I read about your work I thought you were filming mostly a sort of home-video – a naked soul in a naked world, no decorations – everything as it is.
M: It’s called a reality cinema.
R: The camera follows the character and that’s all. Maybe there’s a certain meaning in this kind of method. Especially when we are speaking about some cult figures – here we have it all, the magic and a disclosure. Did you have this aim to disclose or did you want to tell us about something beautiful and soft?
M: The reality is always a disclosure. Always! It’s because every person creates an image, which is not always for real. The word “disclosure” isn’t a revealing in itself – isn’t a sort of negativity. To my opinion, it’s a sort of … writing down a history, picturing the present time.
R: How soon the filmed people get used to the presence of the camera if you work inside an apartment, in their homes?
M: If everything goes fine – about 5-10 minutes.
R: That was very soon. So they behave naturally?
M: It’s because I’m working alone.
R: You mean that there’s no filming team that goes around and crapping down the carpets?
M: Never. I enter the apartment alone with the camera on.
R: Here, everything should be build on an absolute trust.
M: Of course!
R: Nevertheless, there should be some preliminary work anyway?
M: Absolutely. Either a complete trust or some kind of contract relationship. For instance, working with t.A.T.u., I sighned a contract first and only then began to film.
R: Did t.A.T.u. have any taboos?
M: How strange it may seem but they have. You know, they are so open people, so brave, so provocative … but after – when the documentary was ready, they placed some wishes -, I won’t specify their demands here, - wishes those were bigger that in the movies portraying the presidents. I didn’t give a *** about wishes and demands neither here nor there.
R: Didn’t you agree to compromise at all?
M: I agreed to compromise once. It’s because t.A.T.u.’s producer tried to blackmail, using threats to cancel the future friendly cooperation, required to remove 17 seconds of the final scenes. I agreed to do it.
R: Do you keep those 17 seconds?
M: Of course, I keep it for myself. Later on, when either this will be a full reality or not very important for them, I’ll bring back those 17 seconds.
R: The last question. Personally from me. It’s about your future plans, Vitaly. What are they? Maybe you can tell us?
M: I’m trying myself in the genre of the reality show and launching …
R: “Behind the glass”?
M: Yes, launching Behind The Glass, where there will be group t.A.T.u. behind that glass.
R: t.A.T.u.? So you fell in love with them for some time now?
M: I fell in love with them for the next 3 months.
R: Oh, my! Where are you going to “place” them?
M: To the penthouse of the Pekin Hotel in Moscow – a huge 200 square metres glass room with a 15-meters high ceiling. During the coming 3 months, they’ll be recording their new album. It will be the main subject of the reality show.
R: …but they are swearing all the time?!
M: Yes, swearing. Maybe, they’ll be swearing less then – we will be “beeping” over their swearing. Then, they are working somehow at their behaviour too.

Documentary The Anatomy of t.A.T.u.: "Autopsy" showed.. (12th December 2003)
On the 12th of December, the premier of Vitaly Mansky’s documentary about group t.A.T.u. The Anatomy of t.A.T.u. aired on television via the STS channel. The film was very anticipated and talked about. The interest in artists’ lives and scandals behind the scenes never fails. The question is - will the film succeed in presenting it? Unfortunately not. The constant and candid presence of the cameras gave rise to acting and unrealism in the film. Nevertheless, despite all of this, the film will shock most of the fans.
The format of the film – a collection of monologues, dialogues and general scenes. The actions take place behind the scenes of the tours in the US, England and on the Eurovision contest.
The film portrays the everyday lives of the t.A.T.u. girls. To name one, it suggests how Julia and Lena are not lesbians, that they've never been such and never thought about being that way before the project. It’s all just a myth, a clever image. Julia, for one, as it is implied, has a boyfriend named Pasha, who follows her everywhere.
Both girls were baptized. Lena visits church regularly and confesses her sins. Lena admits that most of the things she has to do are sins. Julia, on the other hand, is ready to do anything to be popular. She isn’t afraid of anything apart from loneliness. Lena is shyer, and she says she would never have sex with anyone in front of the cameras.
Drugs – they are an indisputable part of the girls’ lives. Julia talks about her heroin use, with scenes of Ivan Shapovalov and Beata Ardeeva smoking pot. Julia and Lena can not refuse the pleasures of smoking regular cigarettes, though it may negatively affect their voices.
The film tells that Julia had problems with her voice for a long period of time, which nearly killed the group. Besides this, Julia admitted that she also had an unwanted pregnancy, and she was forced to have an abortion.
This is by far not all of what the girls and other people involved in Tatu have spoken about, and what the film showed. There are a lot more scenes and parts of the film, which we will not reveal! The film is a must to see!!

The documentary Anatomy of t.A.T.u. will be shown cut by 17 seconds of the final scene
(12th December 2003)
The first run of the Vitaly Mansky’s picture Anatomy of t.A.T.u. will be shown on STS channel on December, 12. According to Vitaly no one of the previous characters of his documentaries placed such a list of demands on censorship as the t.A.T.u.’s camp.

”I agreed on two firm requests – removed 17 seconds of the final scenes, though I think the scenes were very colourful and straight forward, and concealed the face of one person – a direct participant of the documentary.” – said Vitaly in the interview to radio station Eho Moskvy. – “Another requests were denied right away and the audience will have a chance to see the picture in it’s pure form – as it’s supposed to be seen. Sooner or later, maybe in 2-3 years or maybe in 5 years, the audience will see the final sequence too because any documentary is a history of our lives.”

“While making the movie, I was surprised a whole deal by the scenes I was witnessing – particularly a great life experience of two 18-years old girls. Looking at these singers, I was thinking of the reigns, those had to carry the responsibility to rule the whole country at the age of 15, 16 and 18. I see a sort of analogue here, because such an inadequate weight to be carried on the young shoulders leads to abnormal phenomena in the life of the main characters” – added Vitaly Mansky.

The director, from his own words, didn’t want to press any opinion on audience but instead tried to make the film in such a way that every person could draw his or her own conclusion of what was going on on the screen. For instance, according to the results from the first smaller runs of the movie, people take different positions towards actions of Yulia’s and Lena’s parents. “Some of them see the parents’ position as exploitative, that make a profit on their own children. Some think that the parents are absolutely right to choose this pragmatic way – as a sign of their concern about the future of their own children, that will soon stop getting big money and will be forced to use the harvest of the present days to support themselves for the rest of their lives.”

Regarding the girls’ shocking behaviour, Mansky thinks that “Russia experiences the stage when, people are ready to sacrifice a little of themselves, for the sake of a probable profitable affair. The first sacrifice is an innocent kiss in the video Ya Soshla S Uma (All The Things She Said). During the race of trying to stay on top of the show-business, the main characters will be forced to take another serious steps. This is the beauty of their producer Ivan Shapovalov, who always finds unique ways, as playing a game with the reality, which became a winning concept.

The documentary will be aired at 23.00. The late show time forced the director to obey some Russian media laws connected with the usage of “over-expressive” vocabulary. “Working with the sound, we had to remove parts of words, sometimes we removed whole words. Formally, we followed the law and there won’t be any fully comprehensible parts of cursing. Though, some people use their speech in such a bright manner that any Russian speaking person from the age of 7 won’t have any problems to understand what has been said on the screen”, said Mansky.
”Regarding the famous anti-war t-shirts, we didn’t censor anything as it’s up to STS how to deal with it”, added the director.

Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina speak about …Yulia Volkova
About jealousy
“… Jealousy is awful. I understood with the time – why to be jealous? Before I didn’t understand and became jealous. I was simply insecure about myself earlier. Though it was long time ago. It went over. Now I’m not falling into jealousy.”
About t.A.T.u.
”If I were a fan, I’d trustfully follow t.A.T.u. We give self-confidence. We give a sort of positive emotions… If to look at our group from the outside, I see nothing negative in our group. It’s not because of me and Lena. This group gives strength to people.”
About fame
”I don’t have any problems with being popular. I feel free everywhere. I’m trying not to force myself and not to make myself to do the things. Though, sometimes there are moments when I get enough but I understand such moments. Why, f..k, to, f..king, worry, when at the end no one, f..king, cares about anything. Everything works,, out in a bloody tremendous way! When you are exasperated – you begin to drive yourself crazy, etc.”
Lena Katina
About the future career of a psychologist
"I don’t want to become a psychologist who is digging in another people’s problems. I simply want to… I find it interesting and I find it very useful. Useful for me, in the first hand. When people close to me, come to me with their problems, I’m trying to help them using my knowledge."
About fame
"Fame takes a part of your freedom. You feel a constant attention from the outside and get tired of it. Of course, it’s flattering when so many people just love you, but then you find yourself in a situation where you just want to be alone and get a break. To feel completely relaxed, without seeing people pointing with their fingers to you all the time, is possible only at home. It’s not always I can feel myself completely relaxed.”
Molotok #47, 2003
Source: (by material of InterMedia)

The World Tour will continue in Latin America (12th December 2003)
On the 18th of December, t.A.T.u. will give the only show in Russia, which is a part of their World Tour Show Me Love and will take place at the indoor arena SKK Peterburgsky in St.Petersburg. After that the tour will continue in Latin America – Brazil, Columbia, Peru and Mexico. The show in St.Petersburg will include t.A.T.u.’s best songs plus a few new songs. Supporting their scandalous image t.A.T.u. are intended to launch a firework with condoms Contex spread over the audience.

t.A.T.u. – girl met Takeshi Kitano (12th December 2003)
On December, 5, t.A.T.u. returned from Japan where they gave two concerts. Now, the girls are recovering from the climate changes: being in Japan both got sick – Yulia had a fever of over 39 degrees C. The fever was reduced and the concerts continued. Despite of the Russian media’s suppositions, the Japanese Tour can’t be called a failure. The group’s management thinks that the Tour was carried out “normally”. t.A.T.u. didn’t manage to fill in the 40.000 places Tokyo Dome arena but the number of audience was satisfactory anyway. The fact that the arena wasn’t filled up to its maximum was explained by the t.A.T.u. management due to some objective reasons: the concerts took place on Monday and Tuesday, young Japanese fans couldn’t afford to buy the expensive tickets and finally the duo was, traditionally, followed by a row of scandals with the concert organisers. Thus, there was almost no visible street advertisement in Tokyo and the Japanese party tried by all means prevent Ivan Shapovalov from taking his leading part in the tour. As t.A.T.u.’s press-attache Alexandara Titianko told to InterMedia, the second concert was more successful because Ivan Shapovalov took his leading role back while he was absent during the first one. t.A.T.u. didn’t only gave concerts while staying in Japan. Lena Katina attended a TV-show lead by a TV-director Takeshi Kitano. The show’s called Takeshi’s Hardware Store. The meaning of the show remains subtle though. For instance, Miss Katina, who had to cover even for Yulia at the show had to play table tennis with Mr. Kitano.
On December, 18 t.A.T.u. will perform with a full-scale show in St. Petersburg and then will start to prepare for its reality show which will probably be aired by STS at the end of January 2004. We remind that the recording process of the new album will be shown to the audience from the penthouse of the Peking Hotel in Moscow. Podnebesnaya room had been remodelled to a recording studio. Several broadcastings are planned to take place every day directly from Podnebesnaya. The most interesting digest from the week’s shows will be shown during each weekend.

t.A.T.u. is 2003's #1 Music Group Online (7 december 2003)
Russian faux-lesbian pop duo t.A.T.u. as One to Watch for 2003. Wouldn't you know it, t.A.T.u. ends up as the top band on the Internet for the year.

People may have forgotten about them by now -- they haven't been in the Lycos 50 since July -- but at the beginning of the year t.A.T.u. were mightily controversial. They spent 26 weeks on the Lycos 50 this year, peaking at #9.

What's interesting is that t.A.T.u. are the exception to the rule of 2003 -- namely, that rock bands rule. Pop groups are almost entirely gone from the top bands list with the exception of R&B group B2K. Almost all pop acts are currently solo stars, and even when you mix in solo acts with bands most of the music groups on the rise this year were rockers.

Here are the Top 10, with last year's rank in parentheses:
1. t.A.T.u. (-)
2. Good Charlotte (-)
3. B2K (4)
4. Evanescence (-)
5. Metallica (9)
6. Linkin Park (1)
7. The Beatles (3)
8. Dixie Chicks (-)
9. Radiohead (-)
10. Nirvana (7)
Source: é TatuFatal)

"NAMEDNI" Tv Show about t.A.T.u. (7 december 2003)
Russian NTV channel presents in NAMEDNI subject "t.A.T.u. showed love in Japan". TV review from Russian pressman-viewer. About success t.A.T.u. in the world, about concert... by some shots it was really great show ;)
(source: TatuFatal)

Lena passed out in Japan (4th December 2003)
After the second of t.A.T.u.’s concerts in the Japanese Arena Tokyo Dome, Lena suddenly fell unconscious. Yulia Volkova and a school friend of Lena’s Nastya failed to catch the girl - her body simply slipped down from the chair to the floor. Yulia and Nastya tried to bring her back to consciousness: spurted some cold bottled water to her face and fanned her with some towels. Nevertheless no one called for the doctor. "She passes out rather often lately. So, no need for a doctor. I think that it will go over soon and she’ll feel better. But you can hep us to bring her to the fresh air!" said Yulia.

Yulia didn’t feel well, but in spite of Ivan Shapovalov's request, Japanese organizers refused to postpone the concert. Lena had to take part in a TV-show alone while the doctors tried to reduce Yulia’s fever. Before going out on stage, Yulia was given fever-reducing medicine and could perform the first three songs without any problems. After that she got worse again and she told to the organisers that she couldn’t sing any more. The show programme had to be shortened down and the security got orders to follow every movement of Yulia’s. The band on stage tried to make the pauses between the songs longer to give some time to rest for the girls, reports the Zhizn. The audience noticed that something strange was going on on stage and got worried. At this moment, Yulia decided to act and found an original way out: she invited on stage a homosexual young man who was dressed in a famous t.A.T.u. school uniform. The young man didn’t hesitate and danced to the song Malchik-Gay with enthusiasm.

After the gig, t.A.T.u. and their tour crew gathered in a dressing room to celebrate the end of this tremendous Japanese tour. When everybody was joking and laughing, Lena fainted again. Luckily, the girl could be brought back to consciousness all at once.
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The Vitaly Mansky picture Anatomy of t.A.T.u. will have the first night on CTC channel, December 12 (4th December 2003)
The new documentary film Anatomy of t.A.T.u. will be shown on Friday, December 12 on CTC channel. The film duration is 1 hour and 20 minutes

Just 25 000 fans have visited the show instead of planned 80 000
(3rd December 2003)
y Russian channel NTV report: "Tatu" in second time arrived on tour to Japan. In the Country of a rising sun the Russian pop group enjoies huge popularity. As the broadcasting company of NTV informs, one of these days the Japanese admirers nominated "Tatu" for Asian premium MTV. For a concert in Tokyo the biggest has been chosen in city covered stadium. Tokyo Dome. And though half of tickets has remained not sold. Anyway - 25 thousand person has gathered.
(Source: & TatuFatal)

Yulia Volkova has showed "Simple Motions" (3rd December 2003)
Participants of infamous group " t.A.T.u." in Japan came to the first big concert very responsibly. Girls rehearsed much and have dared to take rest only before the beginning of performance. During concert Yulia and Lena communicated with a fans, crying out words in the Japanese language, and singing a song " Simple Motions", Yulia has unbuttoned an overalls and has thrust a hand to itself in trousers. On huge screens at this time showed a clip " Simple Motions" without denominations. Every time when on the screen breast Yulia flashed, the Japanese admirers enthusiastically shouted. Yulia and Lena sometimes approached closer to edge of a stage, and fans started to cry out names "t.A.T.u." and pulled to them hands with cameras, - the newspaper "Life" writes. Father of Yulia Volkova on a stage concerned to all event easy. " As Work as this - to entertain public , and if it is necessary to surprise her with something it is better by beauty ", - Oleg Viktorovich has told. Many fans "Tatu" on a concert came in short checkered skirts, golfs and shirts with a tie, but Yulia and Lena looked absolutely differently: specially for show they have ordered a jeans overalls, white topy and boots. The concert in Tokyo Dome last only one and a half hour instead of planned two and a half. Time of performance should be reduced because of bad state of health of Yulia: before a concert she was ill, and at it the temperature has risen. Show was grandiose: " Robbie Williams has a rest ", - the Japanese organizers have told.

 Source: | | & Tatu Fatal)

The second concert at the Tokyo Dome (2nd December 2003)
As well as organizers promised, the second concert which was even better than first was held also. That write fans:
Concert considerably differed from the first (a response about the first read in the previous news). Girls Julja and Lena behaved is much more sociable and constantly tried to start talking with a hall. The order of performance of songs was completely changed. Have replaced even concert clothes, this time Lena was weared in red...
Among other things the concert last approximately for 30 minutes is longer than yesterday's.
As has amasing completely an alive voice of both girls which sounded simply superb.
Has again pleased also a passionate kiss in one of breaks, Julia and Lena kissed as though for the first time, and simply did not want to depart from each other...
(source: tatulife)

Japanese fans have lost their minds over t.A.T.u. (2nd December 2003)
Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova appealed to their fans via a live transmission of NTV before the concert in Tokyo where they invited the fans to take part in the show. There were very many girls willing to be on the same stage as Yulia and Lena. t.A.T.u. arrived by two vans to Dome Arena in Tokyo for the final rehearsal and started with a run-through of Prostye Dvizhenia (Simple Moves). The fans thoroughly prepared before meeting their idols – they learned how to say “hello” in Russian. According to the show scenario, the Japanese schoolgirls should have appeared on stage during the song Not Gonna Get Us, dressed in famous t.A.T.u. school uniforms. But a problem arose at that moment: the fans were so much in love with t.A.T.u. that at the sight of standing them right beside put the fans in a total shock. Hundred of girls on stage held their breath and couldn’t move an inch.

”Let me come closer to them! Do you speak English?”, - said Yulia trying to find the way out of this confusing situation. The fans took this action of Yulia’s with a great enthusiasm and rushed towards her. Fortunately, the security was near at that moment and protected t.A.T.u.-girls from the jumping fans.
Source: (by material of

Tatu's performance at theTokyo Dome (1st December 2003)
Tonight Tatu performed at the Tokyo Dome in Japan.  You can read the reports of the performance at the Press section (articles).  There are two reports.  You can also find some new pictures of that performance at the Pictures section...  Japan Tokyo Dome 12/2003.  

But there are some cancellations again.
Yesterday rehearsal was cancelled, some TV show was cancelled.
So everybody worried about tonight concert,
but it was done peacefully!
(Thanks to KINO !!! )

Tatu appears on Japanese tv show(29h November 2003)
A small translations which I got from my dear friend KINO

Yulia said
"It is regrettable that Prime minister Koizumi can't come to our concert
although we invited him.But we are glad he won the election,"
And then she talked so fast and so much that the translator can't translate
her words well.
Go to the pictures section to see 2 new added pictures.. located at Japan, Tokyo Dome 12/2003
(Thanks to KINO)

Yulia and Lena in Japan again(28th November 2003)
Yulia (18) and Lena (19), who have been the focus of attention with their
daring exploits, are now visiting Japan for the third time. During their
first visit, they walked out of a live TV show, and during their second,
about 10 of their entourage were involved in a scuffle with photographers.
This time, their arrival was delayed considerably due to bad weather. There
were some who wondered whether they would actually come, but they appeared
in Narita Airport just after 15:00, 4 hours and 20 minutes later than
The purpose of this visit is to perform at Tokyo Dome on 1st & 2nd December.
Lena expressed her confidence in English, saying "We're planning a really
big concert. You should look forward to it." When the crowd of about 100
fans at the arrivals gate shouted "Lena! Yulia!", the two girls replied by
waving both hands at them, and then left for their hotel in the capital
without any trouble.
(Thanks to KINO !!)

Reality Show with t.A.T.u. (28 November 2003)
t.A.T.u. starts to work with their new album in the beginning of December. Ivan Shapovalov announced earlier this year that the process of recording would be turned into a reality show. A few cameras will be set on around the clock in the studio Sky Room which is located on the 13th floor of the Pekin Hotel in Moscow. Several TV channels will broadcast the sessions simultaneously. The main peculiarity of the album is that the songs are written by absolutely unknown songwriters. Anyone can become a songwriter on the condition that this person is able to create a world hit.

During this reality show the singers of t.A.T.u., together with their producer, will be evaluating and choosing the best compositions sent to them. You may contribute with a composition to the address: Ivan Shapovalov/t.A.T.u., Podnebesnaya, 123001 Moscow.
The reality show will be broadcasted by CTC channel during 2004.
(Source: &
In gay mag Attitude's review 2003 Tatu have made it in to the top ten.
Single of the year
(24 november 2003)

1) Beyoncé - Crazy In Love
2)Christina Aguilera - Beautiful
3) Junior Senior - Move Your Feet
4) Elton John - Are You Ready For Love
5) Eletric 6 - DANGER! High Voltage
6) Girls Aloud - No Good Advice
7) The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
8) Tatu - All The Things She Said
9) The Darkness - I Believe In A Thing Called Love
10) Danni - I Begin To Wonder

Tatu girls to Star in a !![Movie]!! About ::Lesbians Love:: [Confirmed Info](24 november 2003)
Yes, it's happening.
Sergei Prohanov, head director of the popular Moscow Theater "Luna", made Julia and Lena an offer to star in a "lesbian movie". The movie, which is going to be possibly titled «I kissed her», will tell about the tragic love of two young girls. It was confirmed, that Ivan Shapovalov who is the producer of the group gave permission for the girls to take part in the production.

Now we've experienced all of Tatu! We've heard theit songs, since their clips, seen them almost taked, the only thing left is a lesbian movie! Yay!!
Do you think it'll contain nudity and sex scenes? What rating it will have, I wonder? R-18?
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Song Survivor Tatu(24/november/2003)
This is the concept ->  Vote off one song every day. Each afternoon at 4PM VH1 will remove the song that got the most "kill" votes over the previous 24 hrs. The last song standing on Nov. 30th becomes the Big Song of 2003!  

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Vote for TATU on MTV Asia Awards(18/November/2003)
They are nominated on 2 sections.
***Favourite Pop Act***
***Favourite Breakthrough Artist***
You must register for voting but it is very easy to register in English!
PLEASE vote, they really have to win something again!

t.A.T.u. Official Photobook will be released on November, 28! (15/November/2003)
A rather special release is waiting for Japanese fans on November, 28. This time it won’t be a CD, DVD or a video but a photo book. The book contains 136 pages and includes previously unreleased exclusive photo material from t.A.T.u.’s life. “t.A.T.u. - Take a glimpse at everything about our love! – Fashion, privacy, romantic love and sex!” is the slogan of the publisher. The price of this limited edition is 2,000 Japanese yen (15 Euro). The book will be also released worldwide later on.
Cover of t.A.T.u. Official Photobook

Special thanks to Lena410.)

t.A.T.u. presented their new song Nichya (Nobody’s)! (13/November/2003)
Today, The Total Show and MTV Russia were presenting awards of the contest Show Me Love. This contest was announced by t.A.T.u. Its main award is a trip to the group's concert to Japan. The awards were given by Yulia and Lena personally. The girls chose two the most interesting videos. The authors of these videos will be digging at the t.A.T.u. concert in Tokyo on December, 1. Aside the awards, the audience was granted with the first time presentation of the group’s new song Nichya. Yulia and Lena made an effort to cause a scandal in order to follow their image of a scandalous group but failed doing it. Yulia and Lena brought something for their fans too – photos that will appear in the press in the nearest future. Today, the pictures were given to a person from the audience in a studio who asked the most interesting question.

Additional information: News from 28.01.2003
t.A.T.u.’s new song is called “Ty Nichya”?
Today a rumor went around through electronic newspapers, that t.A.T.u.'s new song is going to be called "Ty Nichya". Like we reported earlier, Julia Volkova did not have to go through surgery. Her vocal chords will not be removed. The best doctors in Moscow observed Julia for over a week. In the end, the professionals said that the operation could be delayed until this summer. Julia was very excited by the news. As she reported to a journalist of "Zhyzn": "Medical treatment and rest did their job, I guess. I had to constantly rinse my throat with disgusting solutions! The doctors were surprised that my throat was more or less back to normal in such a short period of time. I myself begged Vanya to resume our work." "I looked into her shining eyes, and I knew, that we had to go to the studio, to record a new song," said Shapovalov. "I went only under one condition, that Julia would not scream like mad. Anyway, step by step we recorded the new song 'Ty Nichya'." We tried to find out how trustworthy this information is, but so far we have not got any results.
After reading the song's title, I remembered Elena Kiper's new project "Nichya", who left Tatu in April 2002. "'Nichya' is the real title of the song. The song came out on the Internet one and half years ago, under the title of "Ne Glotat" ("Ya Ne Glotayu"), and on pirate versions of Tatu albums under the title of "Ty Soshel S Uma".
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PlayBoy prefers Via-GRA(13/November/2003)
The Playboy refused Ivan Shapovalov's offer for american magazine to take a pictures of t.A.T.u. Also professionals advised to try somethink more youth. And have reccomended to denude less. Till Ivan Shapovalov did not have success in this way, american magazine offered photosession for another Russian group Via-Gra.
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t.A.T.u. attended the concert of SMASH!! (12/november/2003)
The concert of SMASH!! in Rossija Concert Hall pleased not only the fans of Vlad Topalov and Serguey Lazarev but also the fans of famous t.A.T.u. The girls came to the gig separately, following the rules of staying unrecognised but shortly after the beginning they were spotted by SMASH!! The boys dedicated a song to t.A.T.u. Serguey even managed to bring t.A.T.u. on stage where the girls sang one verse together with the SMASH!!. Vlad and Serguey prepared their concerts in Russia thoroughly: brought a dance-group, four back vocal singers, decorated the stage with huge inscription “SMASH!!” “You see, everything here is like at the gigs of famous groups: our own live band, so the performance is live too”, - told Serguey.
The gig brought troubles to the security service, but the most persistent fans broke through to the stage with gifts and flowers. Only some reinforcement of the security saved both fan-girls and the live band from troubles. Thus, the appearance of Lena Katina among the audience went unnoticed – only people having their places next to Lena’s recognised the star and asked for the autographs. Later on, Yulia showed up too.
After t.A.T.u. and SMASH!! sang together, the security in the hall had to be improved again. Yulia and Lena were “equipped” with personal bodyguards as the fans having forgotten about SMASH!! threw themselves towards Lena and Yulia, - reports Zhizn.
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World first run of Show Me Love video in Japan (11/November/2003)
Russian duo t.A.T.u. prepared a number of pleasant surprises for its Japanese fans. One of them is the first run of their new video Show Me Love, which will take place during t.A.T.u.’s gig at Tokyo Dome on the 1st of September. The clip contains video scenes shot in Los Angeles, London, Moscow and during t.A.T.u’s first visit to Tokyo in June 2003. This video can be seen only at their gig on December, 1. According to the group’s press-service, uncensored versions of videos Prostye Dvizhenya (Simple Motion) and Polchasa (30 Minutes) will be shown there too. We’ll remind you that t.A.T.u. are going to perform live in Japan during their concerts on December 1 and 2.

Tatu didn't win (7/november/2003)
Just letting you all know that Tatu didn't win the EMA award.  The award went to Glukosa... which I don't get!!!  Who is Glukosa and why did they win... nobody knows about them but everyone knows tatu...
Well hey "Congrats to Glukosa!" pffffff

Tatu Concert to be Poorly Attended? (7/november/2003)
NTV, which has been rocked by a scandal in which a producer rigged viewing figures, is apparently agonising over a new problem. The cause of this headache is the chaotic Russian duo Tatu. Tickets for their concerts on 1st & 2nd December in Tokyo Dome are not selling at all and it looks like NTV, one of the sponsors, will have to pick up the tab.
According to a music industry insider, "There's a rumour that they've only sold about 30,000 tickets for the two days. Given that they'd anticipated it would be attended by 90,000, and that they need at least 70,000 in order to break's a terrible situation."
Some sources say that Tatu's fee for the concert will be \300 million. This is an unprecedented amount for a Western artist, let alone a newcomer, and given the group's typical fanbase, the ticket price (\7,500), in which this fee is reflected, was not cheap.
Their debut album was a smash hit in early spring, but according to one Western music specialist "This is an age in which CD sales do not translate into concert attendance. I also can't help feeling that the timing of their concert is rather late. If only they'd done it in August or September..."
Amid this situation, some of those involved with the event are saying "It seems that NTV, one of the sponsors, has signed a contract under which they'd bear almost half of the costs if the concert went into the red. Given the current situation, they may well need to prepare themselves to cover a deficit of tens of millions of yen."
Tatu recently made an exceptionally unusual visit to Japan to do publicity for the concerts, but some say that, "Actually, the best thing to do would be to cancel the event, as the resultant losses from this would be lower."
Tatu were the focus of scathing criticism from the president of NTV, after their walkout from the TV Asahi Music Station programme during their first visit to Japan, back in June. Is his own company now going to be a victim of Tatu?! Depending on how ticket sales go from now on, it looks as though there will be fears about who will bear the losses and the responsibility following the concert.
(Fuji Evening News)
(source: LenochkaO @

Tatu-girl spent two days at the market (6/november/2003)

Yulia Volkova and t.A.T.u. producer Ivan Shapovalov stayed in Japan a few more days. On her return to Moscow Yulia went to a market in order to get some winter cloths in her stock. Together with her father Oleg, Yulia spent both Saturday and Sunday searching for an appropriate for her jacket. On the way back from Japan Yulia called immediately to her parents and then to Lena Katina telling her long story about the time spent in Tokyo.

Yulia noticed that it’s getting cold in Moscow and decided to equip her clothing stock with some winter garments. Followed by her father who served the role of her bodyguard and her advisor, Yulia set off to one of the Moscow commercial centres where she does her shopping rather often. Yulia couldn’t find anything valuable for her in Tokyo: she didn’t finds any suitable cloths and the prices were rather high there too. Instead, she always finds something for her taste at the Moscow market, reports Zhizn, Appearing at high life parties she doesn’t advertise the origin of her dresses though.

Yulia spent two days on shopping where she tried a number of warm pullovers and skirts, consulting sometimes her father. Oleg held Yulia’s purse during the time when Yulia tried the garments. Finally Yulia chose a warm pink fur jacket. Yulia paid $300 for her new jacket and even agreed to be photographed together with the sales-man as a memory.

Vitaly Mansky has finished shootings film " Anatomy Tatu "
Vitaly Mansky has finished shootings film " Anatomy Tatu" and for the first time has shown it in the Press club of journalists of Russia. Characters of film are absolutely inconsiderate in words. And any efforts for overcoming awkwardness - obscene words take off easily and naturally. Indeed - structure of speech.But only not heroes.  Going out of clothes, kisses, demonstration lesbi-love on stage. And offstage? And behind side scenes - two 18-years girls. Already with the sums on accounts, already known the price of popularity, already riding on the most abrupt cars. Such different, but it is close grown destinies. Film has left rigid, frank. Two telechannels have already declared it intention to show.



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